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October 24, 1677

Titus Oates is Kind of a Dick

Normally, I would not give Titus Oates a second thought. The man is a base rumor monger, and his hate speech has turned the lovely London that I know into a festering cesspool of insinuation and garble. However, since Sir Edmund Godfrey has turned up dead (run through with his own sword!) the sentiment towards Catholics has taken a nasty turn. Titus_oates_is_a_supreme_arse

Worse, Oates has brought out the worst of Jack’s humors. He quotes Oates’ speeches, remarking on how I too might be “consorting with known Papists,” and that my character should be fully investigated. Never one to hide his anti-Catholic feelings, Jack has taken to leaving me little notes around the house to remind me of my possible fate. Such notes include:

“Oates 1678 – For a REAL Englande”

“Hang Here, Hang Now – Titus Oates”

It is enough to drive a man mad.


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William Barclyfe

I have it on good authority that there are at least forty two papists in Parliament. The need to investigate these agents of the whore of babylon and return England to the English.

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