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October 27, 1677

Titus Mendax?

London burns anew with the fires of accusation. Titus Oates has accused scores. Many a Catholic, who, excepting their vile, idolatrous sect, are otherwise good men, fear for their very lives.

Jack has rallied to Oates' cause, and he has asked me to record any "papist utterances" Sean might make.

I am less sure. On the one side, a friend at the Society recalls booting Oates from St. Johns College, and a colleague from my navy contract shocked me with rumors of Oates' conduct as a ship's chaplain.


On t'other, I give a fair mark to anyone who accuses that belcher Samuel Pepys of anything.

Regardless, I find it remarkable how quickly the public imagination digests such events. I post here the "King of Hearts" from a deck I bought on the street yesterday, mere weeks from the start of this mess.

I hope we may keep our heads about us.


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