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October 26, 1677

Harboring Terrorists

Many a time have I said that the only thing I dislike more than a bigot is a Catholic, and it has oft given me grave moral concerns that I consort daily with a man who embodies the less flattering of these troubling qualities.

Anyone who has been following events in Parliament lately will know that, thanks to the noble, patriotic work of a gentleman named Titus Oates, a vast Papist conspiracy has been uncovered that threatens the very fabric of English society. And readers of Peep This Diary will doubtless be asking themselves the very same question that I have been pondering this day: Is Sean a terrorist? Perhaps more importantly, could my close association with this man reflect badly upon me if public sentiment against Catholics grows as more information about this Popish plot surfaces?

I have ever considered my duty to King and country a sacred one, while loyalty to my friends (as truly important as it is to me) is in comparison, but a convenience. And so it is with no regrets at all that I have decided to begin keeping a very close watch on Sean's daily activities—that I might discover evidence of his malfeasance (if such exists) to protect me in the event that I am questioned about our connexion.

Patrick's brother Edward has generously committed to engage some gentlemen who will follow Sean during the day this week, and I will report back should any damning information come to light. For now, though, Sean and I have plans to spend the evening drinking together. It is the duty of the law to judge him innocent or guilty—for my part, I can only be so magnanimous as to judge him on his merits as a friend. And I am immensely proud to call him one. For the time being.


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