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April 3, 1677

More fun at the CU

I must say S & J have been making quite a go of the Crimson Unicorn. Bar seats have become so lucrative that I have been forbidden from lingering there without "paying my way," which, given the margins they seek, requires buying at least three quarts of ale and a tussle with a two-pearl (minimum) wench. And - as I believe I have mentioned already - cash only, upfront.

As I do not have the income, stomach, or inclination to commit myself to such an outlay by simply walking through the doors, J and I have negotiated an alternative arrangement. If I can improve their take on their slowest evening (Sunday) by a specified amount, I may be exempt from the minimum drink/whore requirements. As S so clearly put it, J & S pick up on a slow night what they lose on my slow, cheap arse on a busy one. It's little wonder they've done so well.

At the time this seemed like an excellent deal for all, but I begin to think I have gotten the short-end of the stick.


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Samuel Pepys

I would like to know if there were any Dusky Arab Beauties!!!?


Apologies for the slow response to your entirely reasonable question. After much research--made far more troublesome by my inability to pay S&J's extortive rates--I can confirm that, YES, there are Dusky Arab Beauties.

I suspect, my dear friend, that you would find the prices as prohibitive as I did.

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