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November 26, 1677

"No Terms"

I hate to complain about a place of which I have many, many fond memories, but the Crimson Unicorn has simply not been the same since Jack and Sean took over its operation. In an effort to attract a "higher class" clientele - that is, lure potential blackmail victims through its newly velveted doors - they have cleaned the place up, decorated it with surprisingly good taste, improved the ventilation, and replaced the sole dim and sputtering chandelier with well-spaced, discreet wall sconces. The dank Crimson Unicorn of yore is gone and, frankly, I miss the dank.

Also, my credit there, once as sweetly accessible as its ladies, has completely dried up. "NO TERMS!" states the sign above the bar in bold, unmistakable letters. J&S may be in the black once again, but they have done so at the expense of a perfectly good baudy house.


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