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September 19, 1677

Hilarity Ensues

Amusing story: Patrick woke up this evening believing that he was still in Indochina. He has been doing this the past few nights, as his fever from the bump on the head he received this week has shown no signs of abating. So Sean and I decided to do something about it. When we were rifling through Patrick's luggage yesterday, Sean discovered a ceremonial mask that Patrick had brought home from his trip, and this evening, after our friend had finally settled into a fitful sleep, we tiptoed into his room, with Sean leading the way wearing the mask, while I remained in the shadows (trying with all my will not to laugh!).  As soon as we were inside, Sean began yelling gibberish and dancing around as if he were possessed—he played the part to perfection! Patrick awoke with a start, and upon seeing the masked figure in his room, turned white as a sheet, and was able to get out the following phrase before my laughter became too loud to ignore:

"Tell Nguyen Phuc Tan he will have his tribute, but please, spare my life!"

I have made a note to ask Patrick what in God's name that means once he is fully recovered. It is not always intentional, but he really is good for a laugh sometimes.


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