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August 16, 1677

The London Gazette

It has been five days since the funeral for Patrick, and I am no closer to understanding the mystery of the fearful ghost that manifested itself in order to terrify the guests, and – I am quite certain, as I was keeping count – eat the last two slices of cake. Our little event even received a write-up in that dreadful rag, The London Gazette. Sean is so pleased with it that he has affixed a copy of the article to the wall of his room, and insists on reading it to anyone who is unlucky enough to find themselves in the vicinity.


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A few days back, while a Friend was helping me catalogue my collection of ODB Recordings, he mentioned a new sporting event he had happened upon, http://faceball.org/. I remarked that it had many similarities to a pastime I used to share with a fellow back in my days at The Abbey. Except instead of a soft rubber ball, we used a ring of Metal Keys. And we never kept score to see who won. In Hindsight, we probably realized that because we were hurling Keys at each others heads, there could be no winners.


What a novel idea for a game, #1 Stunna! It sounds both amusing and awe-inspiring. You should call it the Amusing, Awe-Inspiring Key Game.


Well, if I were permitted to speak in a Forthright manner, I could not claim to have birthed The Idea myself. Looking back upon my preparatory school studies at The Abbey, I now realize I stood in the shadows of the Intellectual Giants of my era. Be it Lyrical Prose, Game Play, or Classical Studies, Inventiveness and Innovation were standard fare.


You Godless fools! You will pay for your lascivious ways and your crimes against humanity! Prepare yourselves to feel the fury of the Lord Almighty. Mediated through me, in this particular instance.

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