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August 18, 1677

Glorious, glorious day!

Today has been doubly-blessed!

First, the good Captain Araoz has sailed his ship right back into our bay!

I admit I was not so gracious at first as would have been proper - my initial joy at seeing the ship's sails above the horizon worked itself into blind rage in the hours prior to its arrival, and I spent some time chasing the Captain along the beach hurling coconuts and vile curses - but upon regaining my wits I embraced him and lead him back to the mission.

The day being twice happy, another, even better piece of news: Captain Araoz has born a letter from my poor dead brother! (Who is not dead after all!)

The Captain had sailed off to revittle at a small Spanish port passed a week before our arrival here. ("Did you not receive my note?" asked the jackass when I suggested I would have appreciated knowing his plans prior to his departure.) While taking on stores he had also picked up mail for his crew, which included a letter to me from Edward! It started its journey East on the doorstep of the Society - it missed my departure by mere days.

This is exciting beyond words. What tales he must have!  I wonder what he will make of London apres fire?  I must speed our return...

I believe he and Sean will hit it off famously. Two men more closely aligned in their passions - beer and whoring, chiefly - may not exist otherwise on this good earth.


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