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June 14, 1677

At a loss

The Absence of Patrick has made the fellowship between Jack and I….trying…to say the least. Like proper gentlemen, we still get on after a few (say six to seven) drinks but I was surprised to find that Patrick was a salve on a relationship that at the best of times can be described as fractious. A few examples of how Patrick kept the peace between his more volatile friends. A. Jack and I once hired a woman with no arms to work at the Crimson Unicorn. We let Patrick know that we had purchased him a “special treat” and sent him on his way. To his credit, he said the experience was quite interesting from a “scientific perspective.” B. He also remained in good spirits after Jack and I broke into his specimen room and filled his bathwater with the leeches he had so tenderly raised. C. Best of all is the time that all three of us took a daytrip to the local menagerie to see the exotic creatures brought from overseas. Now Apes seem to have a natural aversion to Patrick, much like the relationship between dogs and cats. Jack and undid the lock to the cage of one of the larger brutes, and then invited Patrick to take a closer look and perhaps explain what was remarkable about the beast. Truly, for the next few moments, when the beast had Patrick clasped between its paws, brought Jack and I pleasure that I fear we will be bereft of for the totality of the summer.


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