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May 27, 1677


I have not posted in a couple of weeks now, as preparations for our departure for the Indies have consumed my every waking second, and even in my rare moments of leisure I am forced to occupy myself with Patrick's incessant worrying over the most pedantic details and Sean's increasingly paranoid rantings about "protecting our interests back home while we are overseas." Sean's latest affectation is perhaps his most preposterous yet, worse even than his ill-fated (and extremely messy) attempt to have a contraption of funnels and pipes installed in his chambers, that he might drink wine without rising from his bed. He is paying a gentleman, who professes to be an expert on "investments" and "accounting" to help him to manage his money. Sean refers to him as his "financial adviser," which title adds an air of absurdity to the already ridiculous business that is almost too much to bear. Nonetheless, this gentleman has been nothing but trouble, meddling where he does not belong and filling Sean's head with questions that are as difficult to answer as they are detrimental to our primary goal, which is to make me as much money as possible.

The ship sets sail on Tuesday, and our captain assures us that the weather forecast is propitious and that our journey will be without event until we reach the Cape of Good Hope, at which point we must put our trust in God's hands. Given the fact that our captain is a thieving, mongrel Spaniard, I am very much looking forward to reaching the Cape, where I can remove my trust in his questionable seamanship and place it with the Lord instead.


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damn you jack. i actually enjoy this post. great ending, btw. oh wait, do comments have to be all o.e. and shit too?

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