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April 27, 1677

A Princess from the Past

When Sean found me behind the bookcase I had just found Jack's copy of The Case of Madam Mary Carleton, the autobiographical account of that late, poor liar, cheater, and temptress. I had not seen it since she gave it to Jack over a dozen years ago, and not thought about it since her hanging. The book recounts Mary's successful masquerade as a German Princess, under which guise she married the fool John Carleton:
Mr. Carleton was clearly out of his depth with her, and such antics won her a great many admirers, including Jack.  She left him, predictably, while he was heavily intoxicated, after taking his horse, his keys, his jewels, and his money, leaving him this book and its inscription:
To my Dearest Jacques, who taught me Everything I ever needed to know - MMC.

She was quite a woman -- necessary to best Jack at his own game; revisiting the book and remembering her charm will be some compensation for spending nearly two days behind those damn shelves. Some.


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