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April 6, 1677

Good (Fri)Day

Holy Week being upon us in Full Force, activity chez Jacques has come to a halt.  Though such a thought runs contrary to Jack's vocal and vociferous protests, I believe he appreciates his Mother-in-Law's insistence that they observe all Holy Week celebrations, for it gives him a blind behind which to hide his true devotion to the Protestant faith.  Even when beyond the clutches of the Ogress, he has become contemplative.

Sean returned last night reeking of the censer, which smell prompted from the Ogress first hostile glances and then several unkind thoughts against the Pope: "A noxious, pernicious milksop whose very lips drip Plague" being her exact words.   Sean did not appreciate this, Jack sided -- unusually -- against him and with her, and for the first time since coming into wealth Sean spent the night in the stable with Bucephelus.  He -- Innocent XI -- is recently elected, so I cannot confirm the plague part, but he does seem a bit effeminate: 

Innocentxi_2Regardless, I leave the sectarian squabbles to them.  I will spend much of the weekend at the RS at a conference on exotic flora, soliciting sponsorship for the collection of samples while on our expedition East.   


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