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February 13, 1677


In preparation for my meeting with the “Dutchman” I have done a fair amount of research into the particulars of their race in order to gain some advantage. An informal survey of the opinions of several tavern goers has lead to some startling conclusions as listed below.

The Dutch are Deceitful

During our time at war with these nefarious people, the Dutch have consistently claimed victory even after English forces have thoroughly thrashed them. In the 4 Days Battle of last summer, English forces suffered losses at two times the rate of their Dutch counterparts. However, the Dutch retreated first which meant England won. There are simple rules to follow in warfare, if you back up, you have lost. One can’t claim victory by jumping about and stating that one killed more people.

The Dutch are Grasping

The Nutmeg Islands are an English possession. We were there first, therefore it is ours. That the Dutch have come and usurped our territory demonstrates that their need to expand will never be sated. It is doubtful that they even know what to do with nutmeg.

The Dutch are Stupid

They have built their empire on land that continually floods. Such lack of foresight only underscores how stupid the Dutch truly are.

Hopefully, this knowledge will come in useful this week.


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