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February 12, 1677

Back in the Game!

Kind readers: My sincerest apologies for my lengthy and unexplained absence. Two basic forces have coincided to keep me out of sight for the last fortnight.  First, I have an extremely important meeting later this week with a well-connected Dutchman, and some of the biggest players in the India trade in all of England, since Jack refused so unceremoniously to back my venture.  The proposal I have been putting together has required the utmost effort, taking me to all corners of the political, merchant, and academic worlds that snake around and through the City, and I have slept barely a wink tying up all the loose ends.

The second reason is Jack's accursed mother-in-law.  I found Sean in the stables the other day, conversing with Jack's horse; I was surprised to learn he was there not by choice, opting for the braying of a large, flatulent, and querulous beast over the shrill invectives of That Woman, but instead because he had been banished there, as if he were somehow capable of offending Her.  An evening of Sean in the illest of humors is sunshine and roses compared to a mere moment with Her.  Jack has more than once saddled me with Her, disappearing in a flash around a corner with naught a trace or a sound, leaving me Her sole escort to the theatre.  I hence try to avoid them both.

I hope to post again on my regular schedule, starting at the end of this week. My thanks for your kind patience, dear readers.


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