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January 18, 1677

I tried ...

Well, damn.  I had tried to distill my plan to the simplest possible points, so that even Jack, at his most contrary, could not raise any objections:


He would hear none of it, however.  I blame it partly on the impending arrival of his erstwhile mother-in-law, whose tone of voice could get a murderous rise out of a deaf sheep.  But a healthy reward stands at the end of this particular trial, and that prospect usually allows him to tolerate minor annoyances.  I must remember to ask him how well he passed water these few days past, and if he would like to go with me to see Sydenham tomorrow.

To be fair to the man, he did ask two or three reasonable questions of the expedition, solutions to which will require me to do some more thinking.  And the Dutchman is very likely to go for the project; I will consider my pitch to Jack a rehearsal.


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