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January 4, 1677

Making My Confession

I am resolved: over the course of our next evening at the Griffin, I will tell Sean who is behind the many attempts on his life.

He has suggested that he may feel well enough to rise from his bedrest, and shortly I will propose a trip to the Griffin to celebrate his convalesence.  I have found that when bearing potentially ill news, copious spirits ease the situation for messenger and listener alike, the former because of Drink's fortifying effects, and the latter because of the equanimity it produces in those in whom it does not produce anger.  I used this method to ease that which might have made an already bad situation even worse in a similar situation a few years ago, when I alone escaped and was therefore the bearer of Very Bad News to the local director of the East India Company.  (I also learned that night that, when in their cups, elephants are of the equanimious type; macaques tend towards rage.)

Being a mercurial sort like so many of his People, Sean has demonstrated both tendencies, with his frame of mind when he first lifts his glass determining his later attitude.  As this will be his first time out of the house in several weeks, and as Maureen's presence will likely raise his spirits still further, I feel safe betting on the phlegmatic Sean.


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