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December 14, 1677

Growing Lassitude

The lasting damage to Sean's head is only internal, with the split in his brow well healed, and quickly.  The man has the physical constitution of a boar.  His soul is another matter.  Since his attack, this brawler has used every excuse to stay in bed, waited on by Jack's manservant and, when she thinks no one else is about, his housemaid.

This has not been hard for her.  Two days past, now, Jack departed, bound for "the Griffin for a quick one" before a play that evening, and has not returned since.  This is not the first such occasion, and he usually turns up safely after a greater or lesser while, and occasionally wealthier.

I spent much of this afternoon, therefore, arranging bits of broken tile in Fibonacci's Series down at Wren's new cathedral.  I found counting out 6,765 bits of broken ceramic (22nd in the series) nearly as stimulating as you find reading about it.  But Wren Did show me his most recent plan, as approved by the clergy:


I am privy to Wren's latest thinking, however, and -- remember on whose post you first read this -- when complete St. Paul's will have a much bigger dome.


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