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November 30, 1677

Observations 1 & 2

Fey Mr. Gray's Wandering Bonds have knocked poor Jack quite out of his senses; the blow will be double now that the month is over and the Crimson Unicorn due to collect.  I had assumed the return promised by Jack's con would shade his eyes from the bill for my fortnight's sequestration.  If his mood darkens further I may well retire to the homestead for a time.

The Advent Season being upon us, I must in good faith reveal to Sean the truth behind the plague of misfortunes that has beset him this past little while.  As the attempts come nearer to the mark I fear that 1) one might finally hit; and 2) it may be of such a scale that it catches innocents nearby as well (such as me).


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Your collar, sir, is smashing. How does your man get such very fine hands?

I wanted to point out that if you were to go back to the homestead, your innocence would be well enough away that 2) would hardly matter. I'm not making a suggestion, see, so much as a point.

-Jhon Ofher

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