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November 13, 1677

An ill wind blows

I have never felt so vexed and weary. I believe that an ill omen has fallen upon as but for the Grace of God I should have been dead three times over. But perhaps to merely state that I am cursed is not enough and it would be better to give example to illustrate my current state.

Friday Morning on the way to the Griffin – A large chunk of masonry landed not inches from my person. Large enough to fell a man, I was lucky to have stopped and admired the new acquisitions at the Crimson Unicorn, who had just recently shipped in from Wales.

Friday Evening on the way back from the Griffin – Four large barrels went tumbling across my path, nearly smashing me flat. I looked about for the barrel maker to give him a good thrashing, but there was not a soul near the shop.

Saturday Morning on the way to the Griffin – A wild pack of dogs chased me nearly a mile to the door of the pub. At least I thought they were wild but at least two of the brutes appeared to have collars. I could not check closely as my efforts were dedicated towards flight.

Saturday Evening on the way back from the Griffin – A shadowy figure followed me to the little one’s property. Even after several direction changes the figure continued its pursuit and I again found myself again running nearly a mile until I felt safe within the confines of the little one’s house.

Sunday I spent upon the grounds. I fear I shall not set foot outside until the curse is lifted. It was also the Sabbath.

Now of course my initial suspicions lead me straight to Pat. He is wont to use his JuJu to his own gains, and is not averse to tricking the little one with simple feats of magic. However, he was in such high spirits after his visit to the Crimson Unicorn that I doubt he would bear any ill will towards my person. I have resolved to consult him about this curse and employ any methods he may see fit for removing it. I know I have sunk low to be conspiring with a master of the dark arts, but no amount of prayer has thus far proved worthwhile.


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