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October 16, 1677

A clever plan my arse

I am an empirical man.
Objective Observation has revealed to me, and to a great many of my brethren, those both more and less able, universal truths of our cosmos.  But in their revelation, these truths very often reveal greater mysteries still.

Fact: Jupiter has four moons.

BUT: even factoring in their presence, and gravitiational pull, doesn't completely predict Jupiter's position.  Are there more moons? Is there something else in the way?  Or is the model simply wrong? Isaac is down from Cambridge next month; I will query him on it.

Fact: Jack is right in his business proceedings just under 3 out of 10 times.  He has become very wealthy by this lowly statistic.

BUT: How the devil can such a degenerate, inebriated, philandering half-wit be right ever, let alone with sufficient frequency to make him the wealthiest man in the county?

I have learned to revile costumes, and after that run-in with the Raj's nephew and his seven macaques -- they can smell Truth, apparently; a boon for the philosopher and Royal Navy intelligence officer alike -- I hate false identities still more; my strengths as an agent lie less in the playing through of the deceit than in laying out its initial path, while letting the simpler but more resolute carry them out.  Further, there is little observational evidence, let alone anecdotal, for what happens to the unfortunate participants in the 7+ of Jack's schemes out of ten that go awry, and what evidence there is does not suggest a safe or quiet end for any of the participants (save Jack, of course).

I pray failure this time involves no monkeys.


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